Thursday, 18 April 2013

How To Install Wordpress In your Wamp server

Wordpress is a content management system (CMS).Now you can easy to install in your wamp server localhost  and start working on wordpress easily.For install wordpress on your localserver  follow instructions who mentions below step by step.
First step:You can creat new database on you php myadmin.You can choose any name for databse but you are remember this name he is use in next step.

Second Step: You go your wamp folder and next go to www folder and download the latest version of wordpress from wordpress organization website.Download wordpress version paste in www folder and goto wamp server home page and click on wordpress folder.Show the option create a configuration file you are click on this and continue.
In the option of data base name you can enter the name who you are choose for data base in the option username you can entered root and in the option of password you are empty this field is empty database host name localhost table prefix wp_ and submit and click the button on run the install.

Third Step:You are entered website title and user name ,password and email id click the button install wordpress.Now your wordpress is install on your localhost.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

How To Create New Post In Wordpress

In wordpress create a new post is so simple first you are login in wordpress admin dashboard click on add new post.You can enter text and description here
Second Step:You can insert image and media file in text area and you can use feature image for front display.For make more complex your post you can create a new category and adjust your post in category.By default use Uncategorized use you can adjust text in wordpress post for example you can bold, italic and under your text you can change color your text in wordpress post.
Third Step:After adjust your text tile and media file who use in wordpress post choose category for post and set featured image and select format for post you are click the button buplish.Now your post publish to live.If you are seo expert and use post for seo you can add meta tage for post.After the post publish if you want any changes in post you can change use text and imges.You are edit the text or imges who you want changing in post and click button update your changes implement.