Tuesday, 11 March 2014

6 Best Java Web Development Frameworks

Most frameworks use Java developers to build engaging and interactive web applications without putting any extra time and effort . In addition , each developer has options to choose from a variety of development frameworks for Java Web applications tailored to the specific needs of your project . As in other advanced web development frameworks , most Java development frameworks now support the Model-View -Controller ( MVC ) . The design makes it easier for developers to separate business logic and presentation.
In addition , the flow of client requests and server actions are coordinated in a logical manner through a controller. Each frame of web development in Java is designed with different features and functions. Similarly, the Java bean wrappers , Java Server Pages and tag libraries will also be different depending on your choice of frame. However, a developer can still use a similar set of APIs to easily design and implement powerful web applications . If you are new to Java development , is a good idea to check out some of these popular web frameworks development.
6 Java development frameworks widely used Web
Apache Struts 2 : As a web development framework for enterprise-ready applications , Apache Struts allows developers to simplify the entire development project cycle . Struts 2 also comes with an improved clean code for frames that do not rely on HTTP design and create dynamic responses . A developer can use AJAX labels to add flexibility and interactivity to web pages to make use of the advantages of the standard Struts tags . You can also use Struts 2 as an open source code to build small projects . However, the framework does not allow programmers to develop applications by simply dragging and dropping controls .
Spring: Spring is very popular as a powerful and flexible framework for development. You can use the spring to enhance the look, feel and performance of the Web application without typing long codes . The framework allows the integration of a variety of display options including PDF, Excel , Velocity and JSP / JSTL , smoothly based on the requirements of your application. At the same time , you can also use inversion of control provided by the spring to easily test your web application. The support of a large community of developers also makes the popular framework for the development of a variety of Internet applications company .
Wicket : Compared to conventional development frameworks Java , Wicket is simpler, and also goes in the opposite direction . Without the use of XML , Wicket separates the logic and marking, together with the use of a data model POJO . You can insert HTML-based templates for making dynamic Web pages , keeping away from Java layout. Besides offering the advantages of pure Java, the framework is also compared to other more object-oriented . However, a developer or designer should possess adequate experience to use Wicket for accurate and precise .
Seam : Unlike other Java development frameworks , Seam is effective in clustering Java EE standards and make them work together as an integrated solution . Along with the fundamental rules as EJB3 and JSF, Seam also linked to other components together to facilitate smooth workflow and rule management . The integration of core components and standards has made ​​it easier for the seam to prevent the level of complexity in architecture and API. Seam also allows business application developers to exploit a number of advantages such as integrated library for PDF , graphics, Excel and email. Reduce the amount of XML added stability, while the built- in libraries save your time and effort to your application.
Java Server Faces ( JSF ) : Compared with modern Java development frameworks , JSF is a little older . But JSF is still popular among developers because the standard Java EE support . The feature makes it easier for developers to create interfaces by using components of a page . In addition, components can be used or added to make it easier for you to capture the events triggered by their actions. JSF also allows developers to leverage build powerful interfaces make use of the MVC model advantaged . Moreover, its stable and easy to use features can complement the needs of a variety of business web applications.
Google Web Toolkit (GWT ) : The huge popularity of Google often causes developers to write AJAX applications like Gmail and Google Maps. The Google Web Toolkit allows developers to build and maintain front-end interfaces to complex designed using JavaScript and Java. They can develop and debug AJAX applications using any Java development tool of choice. However, require the use of JavaScript programmers to put a little extra effort to share , test and reuse the AJAX components. But some of the features provided by the framework will make it easier for them to manage bookmarks , asynchronous remote procedure calls , history management and portability across browsers.
The choice of framework in Java web development varies from one controller to another . It is always important to choose a framework for taking into account the specific needs of your project. Also, you have to evaluate the pros and cons of the individual frames to choose the option that saves time and effort .

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