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WordPress Blogging Tips And Tricks

If you want to start a blog , WordPress is probably the easiest and most user- friendly application that you can use . There are simpler options , such as using a free online blog services such as, but you really do not have much control over your own site .

And WordPress, you get the best of both worlds , a platform that is easy to understand and unlimited feature so that you can add to your blog , and add the bells and whistles you learn. and

First of all, I should point out that there are two WordPresses. They are run by the same company , but is hosting your blog for you , such as Blogger, QQ space , such as a third-party website. These are often called Web 2.0 sites. There's nothing wrong with creating your blog this way, but it does limit you in some way.

When you use or any Web 2.0 sites , you do not have your own blog . You're just renting space on it. This means that the host can always delete your blog . This happens if you are considered a violation of any of the Terms of Service ( Terms of Service ) . It is very easy to do this , even without meaning.

For example , does not allow you to make your blog commercialized in any way. So, if you want to start , or even every month to make a few extra dollars , this is not the way to go .

Another reason for and other similar sites are not ideal , you will have a harder time with search engine optimization and traffic generated than if you have a blog . This is because most of the "link juice" will go to the host of your article generated , rather than a specific site.

That's why is what I intend to focus on here. This is when you buy a domain name, get hosting, and start your own blog .

Choose a domain name and web hosting

Your domain name is your website or blog for your URL. If you have not checked , but you will have to do so first . If you do not have a virtual host or , you also need this . If you want you can combine them . Many Web hosting companies provide you with a free domain name when you sign up to host .

When choosing a web hosting company , this is a good pick a lot of experience with WordPress . If you really want to make sure that, you may be with WP engine, a company that specializes in WordPress go . However, they are slightly more expensive than most of the web host.

If you want to save money , you can still find your WordPress site can support a good web host . BlueHost , for example, strongly recommend this . They even suggested by WordPress itself.

One suggestion I would make here is that both the virtual host you choose, try to pick a plan that allows you unlimited domains / websites. Sometimes , a host will offer several different plans. The difference in price is usually only a few dollars a month.

The key problem is that in the creation of the WordPress blog can be addictive ! You probably will not want to stop one . So, you may also have a hosting plan that allows you to create what you want.

When choosing a domain name , try to keep it short . If you want your blog ranking in search engines , choose some good keywords in the title . These are the words that people actually search for when looking for information .

If your domain name is something like or, you will have a personalized name, but no one is likely to help you with search engine optimization ( SEO ) . This is especially important if you intend to sell. If you just want a blog with your friends , family, colleagues , etc. to share then it does not matter.

How to Install WordPress

WordPress is installed with most major web hosting company is very easy. You typically use a script installer, such as Fantastico or Softaculous ( your virtual host may have one of these on the appearance of your control panel ) . Then , you can install WordPress in a few clicks .

I do not want to waste too much space , WordPress installation steps described here , because you can find this in your web hosting company . There are also many articles and videos on the subject .

How should you blog about ?

This does not seem like it should be a problem , but " blog block " A lot of people write one or two positions after the encounter . I assume you 've chosen your theme . After all, if you can not even think of a topic, it's not really a good time to start a blog too!

But even if you have topics you're interested , it can be challenging to think of the actual position to write. For this, you may need to do some research to find inspiration. Here are some ideas.

Set Google Alerts - you can get from Google 's e-mail, according to the news you choose some keywords into your mailbox.

Amazon to check out what books are very popular. Also check out their magazine article !

Other blog , see Google blog , see what others in your niche in writing . You do not want to copy them, but you might get the idea that you can put your own spin.

Offline books and magazines , go to Barnes & Noble in some libraries, bookstores and magazines ( or any magazines are sold ) . Reading the newspaper. These are great sources for ideas .

Consistency is the key to success
If you have a blog , you have to write a blog post ! This really is the most important " secret" to have a successful blog , believe it or not . You hear a lot about today's " premium content ", which is, of course , important.

If you move your blog to support the auto-generated or spun content ( if you do not know what that is , do not worry - you better ! ) , You will not go very far. Search engines will soon realize that this is a low-quality content . However, you must generate jobs on a regular basis .

Forget the search engines for a moment , when a visitor does not see a blog update in a few months , he or she is likely to conclude that not very active or related . You might do the same when you are looking for a new site on line.

Search engines also like frequently updated blog . It also provides you with more of their content indexed. Let's say a few words about SEO , as long as we are in the topic.

WordPress plugin vast universe

Once you get more familiar with WordPress, you might want to start looking into more advanced features . This usually means adding plug-ins. These are what you upload to your WordPress site to perform a variety of functions tool.

Plug-ins can be used for security , search engine optimization, to create a forum or membership site , the contact form on your site or other kinds of things. Plug-in allows you to complete , otherwise the ability to multi- task advanced knowledge will require coding .

There are so many plug-ins for WordPress impossible to keep up with them . At first, you might think you do not need any plug-ins, this is true. However , it is very easy to use them , you may wish to get your feet wet , and install some basic.

You can access the settings from your WordPress plugin background .

When you install the WordPress Akismet, the anti-spam plug-in has been included, but you must get an API key to activate it . About how to do this description .

Google XML sitemap , which makes it easy for Google and other search engines index your posts and pages .

W3 Total Cache - this is a great plug-in to help your site load faster and more efficiently. It does this by caching articles , pages, databases, scripts, and other elements of space to do it .

Bulletproof security - helps keep your website from security attacks. This is important because hackers tend to target WordPress website.

WordPress SEO Yoast, makes it easier to optimize your site for search engines.
These are the plugins that you can use to make a very short list . If you have any special needs of special features or ideas of your blog , chances are there is a plug-in that can help you achieve this goal.

WordPress : the perfect place to let your blog evolve

What makes WordPress blog is so amazing is that it can help you at any stage of your blog career. For the beginner level , it can easily create a barebones blog . Advanced users can use all the configuration and plug-in to play.

However , WordPress is still just a tool. This is for you to come up with awesome content , so people have a reason to visit your blog !

Web Development - Tips and Tricks

In the Internet world , it may be easier for you to open your own website , but it is not so easy to come up with a website , e-commerce platform, where you can be sure that you can provide your visitors with the best network experience. Today, you might see a different number of the millions of websites that offer a variety of services and products at your doorstep . However, not all websites succeed in business because they lack something which other sites are attracting more people to attract more visitors and let them high ranking websites.

However, before you start with your web site's development, you need to make sure your site registration , and has a very easy to remember , and at the same time , a symbol of values ​​and ethics witty domain name of your website . Domain should be very charming , but not universal. For example , if your site is about mineral water , do not name your domain name as because it would be too general , when visitors type in your search engine , and many other competitor's site will show up, will hurt your sales numbers.

Design and network development , requires a lot of thought and consideration. Web developers need to consider the design and implementation of their own skills and talent to the network with an awesome site , and information from various factors before pulling around the world in a lot of tourists. If you 're thinking about Web development to ensure that the site is not a lot of unnecessary animated graphics , what to do , but slow down browsing speed tourists, and only angered them and let them go away from your site . Web development is more of a website , all at the same time providing maximum information and maximum comfort , because the tourists in cyberspace is clearly looking for , you can easily provide a good amount of information sites.

In addition , user-friendly navigation from one page to another is also a benefit that will make visitors feel that the site is simple and effective , they prefer to visit your site again for more information . In other words , Web developers can help you bring more revenue through your website.

Web Design Tips and Guidelines

Here are some important web design tips and guidelines , I think it is necessary for every web design.


The first step in web design is to select the layout, best suites your needs. Layout is basically placing your content , images and information on your page . Typically the layout in Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic tools. Consider the layout and design of these things.

Height width and design of the screen ( resolution is what design ? )
The height of the header and footer content
Where the content is placed so that it can be useful or readable
Leave blank ( empty ) text content and images within
Keep it simple and clean, and do not let the card is just too much information on one page
You can also draw on your hand simple paper layout

2 . Color scheme
The second step in web design is to choose the right color scheme. Color from the color scheme can be two or three . But do not use more than three colors , it will be difficult to control more than 3 colors . There are some sites where you can pick up like color scheme , or you can also find amazing color Some tips color selection we will see now .

Select at least two or three colors, such as black, dark brown and dark green.
Maintained in a readable color , white text text like a dark brown background.
Keep your links a little sharper than the color of the text
Maintaining color balance , like light on a dark background
Do not use too many colors in one place to make a fruit effect
Try using Web 2.0 is smooth and clean color scheme

3.Content positioning ( balance )
The third step is to make the user feel as if all the pages on the site , and in the equilibrium position and maintain content. It is a very critical step in the design of the page . You must also keep in mind the major browsers to view multiple web pages . Well, now here are some tips listed .

Maintain the same distance on each page , such as the distance from the title must be the same on all pages
The left and right margins and positions should be the same on all pages
Maintaining a balanced positioning , what does not seem strange web
These days give some space or blank is a stylish web design

The first three steps are the basis of pure design , now when you build your web page a bit, you should not ignore the page size , how is this going to load in the browser . Means that a very broad term website optimization. It may also include search engine friendly coding . In the following list, I will also list some websites / links , so you can check the performance of your web pages.

Images kept to a minimum the use of load time will be affected due to heavy image
Minimize excessive use of scripts and Flash content
Layout using CSS and DIV based , eliminating any unnecessary code CSS and HTML
That is the title of the page and your title and meta tags on all counts , in order to search engine optimization
Do not miss to check your pages in different browsers , cross- browser compatibility is a must
Now, I will list as a web designer to optimize my web site for some of my personal use.

A very nice analysis tools SEOcentro Meta tags Meta-analysis
A very nice website optimization tools , web analytics 0.98
Pingdom Tools is a great resource to check your web page load time and your efficiency Pingdom Tools
To check your page on multiple operating systems and browsers , Adobe Browser Lab
And finally do not forget to validate your HTML / CSS code meets W3C W3C Markup Validation

5.Design exposure
In the past, I will talk about improving your design and color scheme sense. You come into contact with new and latest technologies, design patterns and layout will also improve your overall sense of web design . Some tips , as shown in Table .

Search for information about the latest trends in web design and the latest web design techniques
View other great designer portfolio website
View art-related websites like get some good exposure
Try new tutorials to learn Photoshop and Dreamweaver , which will be of great help
I want to try sometime soon write another article individually optimized .

Web Design Tips

Learn some common web design skills can make a successful website , a repulsive force is the difference between . Set as the target site is one of the great secret in web design . This means that site owners , why he has a website , and communicate the same knowledge to a clear understanding of the web designer . Understand this , the web designers have basic knowledge of what to put on the site . He also avoids the material in the website , do not help in achieving the stated objectives .

Similarly , web production skills , designers find useful intermediate positive thumbnail sketch. This includes attempts on different pages of different designs. Then , the designer can choose a different sketch is the best design. While doing so , the designer should strive to adhere to web design skills , so that he can try different designs. It also forced the designers to make that the main design of the site details page before . In addition, this approach helps designers select a target to support the site's more chance of the strongest design.

Select a thumbnail and link connections , so that the overall web design skills in other sites is required successful works . This involves filling pages with content , organization details and capture a thumbnail sketch. This helps designers to avoid confusion , so that the page is more powerful, more attractive and easier to understand . Which web design skills are a web designer should strive to use only a maximum of four fonts pointer. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness and coherence, web design skills , showed the designer should limit his design four fonts . This makes more visual sense and harmony. Preferably, the designer should use a different font in the title and text , only the introduction of a different font , logo or other image .

Keeping file sizes small is also one of every web designer should consider web design skills in the design phase . Here , the designer should limit the size of the graphics involved , while maintaining clarity and focus. He can use GIF, JPEG and PNG image compression program designed to do this . Work in RGB mode is also one of the web design techniques enable designers to add colored light from the RGB color , text and color mixing through the site to create a smooth edge.

Carefully adjust the size of the image but also build skills website to help graphic designers retained between the resolution . One such technique is a web design should be adjusted before the size of the first converted image . This helps design programs to create color transition between the images . Test different browser also belong Web site design skills to help designers understand web accessibility and usability. The test should be carried out at different resolutions.

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Wordpress E-Commerce Plugin Tutorial

This wordpress plugin tutorial describes some of the basic concepts, tips and tricks to help you customize your own WP e-commerce theme. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to incoroprate WPEC elements to the layout and design of your current theme.

Introduction & Concept:

Topic structure WPEC separate shopping cart template to a separate file for each important element. As a result, the theme developers can easily manipulate the shopping cart and related pages to match its current look and feel of the theme . Given this structure , you can create almost any type of design or function you want , the only limit is your imagination !

These different template , by default , the folder is stored in the WPEC plugin file . This is WPEC will look on your website part of your e-commerce generated when each element . But if you want to change the look and feel of the store , you need to move these files to your theme directory , so that they will not get over written when you upgrade to a later version of WPEC .

The plug-in makes this easy to enter setup »Shop » Presentation tab , then on the right side of the page list and you will see the template file , the checkbox next to it. Checkbox not checked by default - which means that all files are still sitting still using the default template in the plugins folder and WPEC. But whether change , simply select Edit, then click on the " mobile template file ' element. Complete this operation , you select the template file will automatically be copied to the currently active WordPress theme folder . From this point, this is WPEC template , you will copy the work .

To do this you want to modify ( you may wish to check all template files ) , each template file. Once this is done , it is good practice to click the button that says " Themes flush the cache ' will let WPEC know where to find the template file once it has been moved.

wordpress plugin tutorial

Let’s now see what each of the template files are:

compatibility.css - The CSS file is the overriding theme of all the default style . For example , by default WordPress theme of 2010 , there are bullet style sheets in the sidebar gadget does not look good WPEC cart widgets so there are rules in this file , it does not cover the shape of the bullet . We 'll talk more generally about the little and CSS WPEC later.
WPSC - cart_widget.php - This file is responsible for generating your shopping cart to see the widget in the sidebar .
WPSC - category_list.php - This file is generated when the category list view is responsible for this option is enabled .
WPSC - category_widget.php - This file is responsible for generating the kind of widget sidebar .
WPSC, is default.css - This file is WPEC plugin core CSS file.
WPSC - featured_product - This file is responsible for the generation of Products .
WPSC - grid_view.php - This file is responsible for generating the product grid view displays . Note that this option only applies to gold shopping cart plug-in upgrade.
WPSC - list_view.php - This file is responsible for generating the product list view displays . This view is no product description or image by default .
WPSC - products_page.php - This file is responsible for generating the default view of the product display .
WPSC - shopping_cart_page.php - This file is responsible for generating the checkout page displays .
WPSC - single_product.php - This file is responsible for generating a single product detail page displays .
WPSC - transaction_results.php - This document is the result of purchases made ​​responsible for generating purchase . For example , thank you pages / news.
WPSC - User log.php - This file is responsible for generating the "Your Account" page, where users can view their previous account to buy records.
As mentioned earlier , you can choose to deal with only some or all of these files.

Wordpress Theme Tutorial for our Website

In this Wordpress Theme Tutorial, we will teach you how to install the theme for your website in Wordpress. It is a detailed Wordpress Theme Tutorial and hopefully will be quite helpful for you being a newbie. This is a step by step Wordpress Theme Tutorial so you not come across any problems while installing the theme.
Login to your Wordpress website admin page
On the left hand side, go to Appearance and click on Themes
Wordpress Theme Tutorial

Once there, you will find out which theme you have currently installed on your website. If you want to change the theme, simply click on the Install Theme tab.
Here you will find two ways, through which you can install the theme. You can either search the new the new theme from the or can upload one from your local hard disk.

Wordpress Theme Tutorial

Click on the Add New tab
Go to Themes then click on the Install Themes
Installing the Theme from Local Hard Disk:

Once you have reached there, click on the Upload tab
Wordpress Theme Tutorial

Now select the Choose File. And select the theme from your local hard disk. Once selected, click on the Install Now button
Wordpress Theme Tutorial

Within a few seconds the theme will be uploaded, extracted and archived.
Now click on the Activate Button to successfully upload the theme on your website

Wordpress Theme Tutorial

That’s all! Now you can enjoy your new Wordpress theme and can make your website look more attractive and updated.
Installing the Theme from
Installing the Wordpress theme from is the easiest way. If you know the name of the theme, this method will not only remain easy but will also be quick.

Write the name of the theme or keyword for the type of website you are making in the Search bar

Wordpress Theme Tutorial

Select the Colors, layout and other description that you are looking for the theme. And click on Find Theme button

Wordpress Theme Tutorial

Now select the theme that you liked the most and click on the Install Now tab

Wordpress Theme Tutorial

Your Wordpress Theme will be uploaded, extracted and archived automatically. You just have to click on the Activate Now tab to activate the new theme on your website.

Wordpress Theme Tutorial

Your Wordpress Theme will be uploaded, extracted and archived automatically. You just have to click on the Activate Now tab to activate the new theme on your website.

Wordpress Theme Tutorial

Enjoy the new look of your Wordpress website!