Sunday, 9 February 2014

Web Design Tips and Guidelines

Here are some important web design tips and guidelines , I think it is necessary for every web design.


The first step in web design is to select the layout, best suites your needs. Layout is basically placing your content , images and information on your page . Typically the layout in Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic tools. Consider the layout and design of these things.

Height width and design of the screen ( resolution is what design ? )
The height of the header and footer content
Where the content is placed so that it can be useful or readable
Leave blank ( empty ) text content and images within
Keep it simple and clean, and do not let the card is just too much information on one page
You can also draw on your hand simple paper layout

2 . Color scheme
The second step in web design is to choose the right color scheme. Color from the color scheme can be two or three . But do not use more than three colors , it will be difficult to control more than 3 colors . There are some sites where you can pick up like color scheme , or you can also find amazing color Some tips color selection we will see now .

Select at least two or three colors, such as black, dark brown and dark green.
Maintained in a readable color , white text text like a dark brown background.
Keep your links a little sharper than the color of the text
Maintaining color balance , like light on a dark background
Do not use too many colors in one place to make a fruit effect
Try using Web 2.0 is smooth and clean color scheme

3.Content positioning ( balance )
The third step is to make the user feel as if all the pages on the site , and in the equilibrium position and maintain content. It is a very critical step in the design of the page . You must also keep in mind the major browsers to view multiple web pages . Well, now here are some tips listed .

Maintain the same distance on each page , such as the distance from the title must be the same on all pages
The left and right margins and positions should be the same on all pages
Maintaining a balanced positioning , what does not seem strange web
These days give some space or blank is a stylish web design

The first three steps are the basis of pure design , now when you build your web page a bit, you should not ignore the page size , how is this going to load in the browser . Means that a very broad term website optimization. It may also include search engine friendly coding . In the following list, I will also list some websites / links , so you can check the performance of your web pages.

Images kept to a minimum the use of load time will be affected due to heavy image
Minimize excessive use of scripts and Flash content
Layout using CSS and DIV based , eliminating any unnecessary code CSS and HTML
That is the title of the page and your title and meta tags on all counts , in order to search engine optimization
Do not miss to check your pages in different browsers , cross- browser compatibility is a must
Now, I will list as a web designer to optimize my web site for some of my personal use.

A very nice analysis tools SEOcentro Meta tags Meta-analysis
A very nice website optimization tools , web analytics 0.98
Pingdom Tools is a great resource to check your web page load time and your efficiency Pingdom Tools
To check your page on multiple operating systems and browsers , Adobe Browser Lab
And finally do not forget to validate your HTML / CSS code meets W3C W3C Markup Validation

5.Design exposure
In the past, I will talk about improving your design and color scheme sense. You come into contact with new and latest technologies, design patterns and layout will also improve your overall sense of web design . Some tips , as shown in Table .

Search for information about the latest trends in web design and the latest web design techniques
View other great designer portfolio website
View art-related websites like get some good exposure
Try new tutorials to learn Photoshop and Dreamweaver , which will be of great help
I want to try sometime soon write another article individually optimized .

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