Friday, 7 February 2014

Wordpress E-Commerce Plugin Tutorial

This wordpress plugin tutorial describes some of the basic concepts, tips and tricks to help you customize your own WP e-commerce theme. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to incoroprate WPEC elements to the layout and design of your current theme.

Introduction & Concept:

Topic structure WPEC separate shopping cart template to a separate file for each important element. As a result, the theme developers can easily manipulate the shopping cart and related pages to match its current look and feel of the theme . Given this structure , you can create almost any type of design or function you want , the only limit is your imagination !

These different template , by default , the folder is stored in the WPEC plugin file . This is WPEC will look on your website part of your e-commerce generated when each element . But if you want to change the look and feel of the store , you need to move these files to your theme directory , so that they will not get over written when you upgrade to a later version of WPEC .

The plug-in makes this easy to enter setup »Shop » Presentation tab , then on the right side of the page list and you will see the template file , the checkbox next to it. Checkbox not checked by default - which means that all files are still sitting still using the default template in the plugins folder and WPEC. But whether change , simply select Edit, then click on the " mobile template file ' element. Complete this operation , you select the template file will automatically be copied to the currently active WordPress theme folder . From this point, this is WPEC template , you will copy the work .

To do this you want to modify ( you may wish to check all template files ) , each template file. Once this is done , it is good practice to click the button that says " Themes flush the cache ' will let WPEC know where to find the template file once it has been moved.

wordpress plugin tutorial

Let’s now see what each of the template files are:

compatibility.css - The CSS file is the overriding theme of all the default style . For example , by default WordPress theme of 2010 , there are bullet style sheets in the sidebar gadget does not look good WPEC cart widgets so there are rules in this file , it does not cover the shape of the bullet . We 'll talk more generally about the little and CSS WPEC later.
WPSC - cart_widget.php - This file is responsible for generating your shopping cart to see the widget in the sidebar .
WPSC - category_list.php - This file is generated when the category list view is responsible for this option is enabled .
WPSC - category_widget.php - This file is responsible for generating the kind of widget sidebar .
WPSC, is default.css - This file is WPEC plugin core CSS file.
WPSC - featured_product - This file is responsible for the generation of Products .
WPSC - grid_view.php - This file is responsible for generating the product grid view displays . Note that this option only applies to gold shopping cart plug-in upgrade.
WPSC - list_view.php - This file is responsible for generating the product list view displays . This view is no product description or image by default .
WPSC - products_page.php - This file is responsible for generating the default view of the product display .
WPSC - shopping_cart_page.php - This file is responsible for generating the checkout page displays .
WPSC - single_product.php - This file is responsible for generating a single product detail page displays .
WPSC - transaction_results.php - This document is the result of purchases made ​​responsible for generating purchase . For example , thank you pages / news.
WPSC - User log.php - This file is responsible for generating the "Your Account" page, where users can view their previous account to buy records.
As mentioned earlier , you can choose to deal with only some or all of these files.

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