Monday, 24 March 2014

How to connect mysql database with visualbasic 6

In this article we will tech you how to creating a mysql database and connect mysql database with visualbasic 6 This is one of the queries comes to my mind when I first used to working with visual basic six . ( Vb6 ) in

Besides backend as mysql database . Actually, I have to put in the MySQL ODBC connector. that

you can find on the MySQL web site .

Just select the appropriate driver , for example , along the windows often I decide windows in Windows

MSI Installer ( x86) Download this driver ODBC connector, click the link or the mirror in

appropriate Internet site from the link above .

After downloading the ODBC connector for mysql double-click the computer to configure following

screen instructions ( installation wizard ) . Your MySQL ODBC connector is installed and all set to

use .

How to evaluate the driver is successfully installed.

Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools.

Double-click Data Source (ODBC ) icon.

Click the Drivers tab and determine that "MySQL ODBC 5 . 1 Driver " is available in the list of all ODBC


Now you are ready to connect to the mysql database with vb 6.

Well, now you have to follow these steps in preparing to use the mysql database with your

configuring Visual Basic project .

1. create database
Two . create user
Three . Assigning user privileges to database created
April . create table in the database .

You can then use the following code quite easy in Visual Basic 6. ( Vb6 ) to connect to your


From vb code

As String Dim strConnectionString
As ADODB.Connection Dim Tconnection
Dim trecord As ADODB . SLCT As String Dim Recordset strConnectionString = " DRIVER = MySQL ODBC DRIVER 5 1. ;

SERVER = localhost; YourDatabaseName DATABASE = , PORT = 3306 , UID = user; PWD = password ; OPTION = 3 "

Tconnection Set = new ADODB.Connection
tconnection . ConnectionString = strConnectionString tconnection . open

SLCT = "select * from table_name " Set trecord = New ADODB . Trecord Recordset . Open SLCT , tconnection

End of vb code

That's it.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

CSS and Xhtml – Important Part of Modern Web Development Services

HTML is an important website design , web development and CSS and XHTML aspect are two tools that have revolutionized the existing web design . CSS and XHTML have added flexibility to modern web design . When the effectiveness of these tools has enormous benefits , using HTML alone can not provide this for your website. Therefore, in order to make your website par with other influential websites , these tools can be used . XHTML CSS makes your website more structured and easy access to perspective clients .
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets , and as the name suggests this adds style to the existing structured document. You can make your room more beautiful with multiple images, fonts, colors and styles. This is very effective in the classification and design style various websites systematically. The web development companies use different upgrades and news to make their websites more attractive and appealing.
The various web development companies are opting for CSS and XHTML, since documents can be maintained easily and are less prone to complications. Existing HTML Web sites can also be modified according to this format. The Xhtml provides a better way to code that makes your website accessible to more woody . Internet users have the advantage of fast download of content and viewing websites. The existing CSS and XHTML have features that can enhance any future expansion or development of your website.
Internet as a platform for expansion and development of various enterprises, web page design is becoming very important. Online business or e- business is more profitable, therefore more emphasis on attracting more buyers, and therefore the website design . Attracted more buyers would get if the effective web design is done in an effective manner . To meet this demand the services of several website design companies took advantage . More and more companies are opting for XHTML and CSS options to format their websites.
It is very important for web development companies to be well versed with the latest development in website designing . You can make your dynamic web site with this web design tool .
Website Design and Development Services Deecoup offer to make your websites more dynamic and acquiescent . We realize that a website is a portfolio for any business and keep this factor in mind, we offer solutions that are customer-oriented and profitable at the same time .

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

6 Best Java Web Development Frameworks

Most frameworks use Java developers to build engaging and interactive web applications without putting any extra time and effort . In addition , each developer has options to choose from a variety of development frameworks for Java Web applications tailored to the specific needs of your project . As in other advanced web development frameworks , most Java development frameworks now support the Model-View -Controller ( MVC ) . The design makes it easier for developers to separate business logic and presentation.
In addition , the flow of client requests and server actions are coordinated in a logical manner through a controller. Each frame of web development in Java is designed with different features and functions. Similarly, the Java bean wrappers , Java Server Pages and tag libraries will also be different depending on your choice of frame. However, a developer can still use a similar set of APIs to easily design and implement powerful web applications . If you are new to Java development , is a good idea to check out some of these popular web frameworks development.
6 Java development frameworks widely used Web
Apache Struts 2 : As a web development framework for enterprise-ready applications , Apache Struts allows developers to simplify the entire development project cycle . Struts 2 also comes with an improved clean code for frames that do not rely on HTTP design and create dynamic responses . A developer can use AJAX labels to add flexibility and interactivity to web pages to make use of the advantages of the standard Struts tags . You can also use Struts 2 as an open source code to build small projects . However, the framework does not allow programmers to develop applications by simply dragging and dropping controls .
Spring: Spring is very popular as a powerful and flexible framework for development. You can use the spring to enhance the look, feel and performance of the Web application without typing long codes . The framework allows the integration of a variety of display options including PDF, Excel , Velocity and JSP / JSTL , smoothly based on the requirements of your application. At the same time , you can also use inversion of control provided by the spring to easily test your web application. The support of a large community of developers also makes the popular framework for the development of a variety of Internet applications company .
Wicket : Compared to conventional development frameworks Java , Wicket is simpler, and also goes in the opposite direction . Without the use of XML , Wicket separates the logic and marking, together with the use of a data model POJO . You can insert HTML-based templates for making dynamic Web pages , keeping away from Java layout. Besides offering the advantages of pure Java, the framework is also compared to other more object-oriented . However, a developer or designer should possess adequate experience to use Wicket for accurate and precise .
Seam : Unlike other Java development frameworks , Seam is effective in clustering Java EE standards and make them work together as an integrated solution . Along with the fundamental rules as EJB3 and JSF, Seam also linked to other components together to facilitate smooth workflow and rule management . The integration of core components and standards has made ​​it easier for the seam to prevent the level of complexity in architecture and API. Seam also allows business application developers to exploit a number of advantages such as integrated library for PDF , graphics, Excel and email. Reduce the amount of XML added stability, while the built- in libraries save your time and effort to your application.
Java Server Faces ( JSF ) : Compared with modern Java development frameworks , JSF is a little older . But JSF is still popular among developers because the standard Java EE support . The feature makes it easier for developers to create interfaces by using components of a page . In addition, components can be used or added to make it easier for you to capture the events triggered by their actions. JSF also allows developers to leverage build powerful interfaces make use of the MVC model advantaged . Moreover, its stable and easy to use features can complement the needs of a variety of business web applications.
Google Web Toolkit (GWT ) : The huge popularity of Google often causes developers to write AJAX applications like Gmail and Google Maps. The Google Web Toolkit allows developers to build and maintain front-end interfaces to complex designed using JavaScript and Java. They can develop and debug AJAX applications using any Java development tool of choice. However, require the use of JavaScript programmers to put a little extra effort to share , test and reuse the AJAX components. But some of the features provided by the framework will make it easier for them to manage bookmarks , asynchronous remote procedure calls , history management and portability across browsers.
The choice of framework in Java web development varies from one controller to another . It is always important to choose a framework for taking into account the specific needs of your project. Also, you have to evaluate the pros and cons of the individual frames to choose the option that saves time and effort .

Monday, 10 March 2014

Why Custom PHP Web Development Is Always A Hot Option For Business Development?

In the demanding field of business today, all owners of business website you want access to the latest development of the quality and easy development of applications using web technology. But many of the technical issues must be addressed when it comes to creating an attractive website and have it load faster, works better and multitasking . A web development company uses different platforms for developing flash websites , static HTML , other important business solutions of great value. PHP is one of the widely used platforms always support the best idea for the development of business solutions based on custom Web . Another important reason to choose PHP web development reason is cost efficiency . Conceptualization , customization , design, development and implementation of changes in PHP based applications can be easily done with economic investment. A development company trained normally offer a complete range of web services including oriented PHP custom CMS development , custom web development PHP , MYSQL dynamic / static and animated design and much more to meet the immediate needs of the client's business website.
PHP is the widely preferred programming language for custom development like no other scripting language can be as functional and flexible as PHP. And you can quickly and easily integrate HTML. Developing PHP web sites is comparatively easier than ASP.Net , coffee and some other programming languages ​​available in the market . Custom PHP development has no complicated format , technique and function that could create problems for the developer . There may be some effective development of dynamic websites in a personalized way alternatives but custom PHP web development best suits .
Notable benefits of PHP Custom Web Development :
A custom PHP web application has the ability to process more data quickly and easily follow the functional characteristics.

It supports all kinds of operating systems such as Linux , Unix and Windows.

Development of custom PHP websites ensures excellent business performance , along with greater ease and efficiency.

It has the best ability to raise the HTML value.

It goes well with many hosts as Apache , IIS, and some more.

It has fabulous data source control that can handle a wide variety of data sources such as MySQL , Oracle , Sybase , Informix , strong, and PostgreSQL ODC common use.

Most web development applications are easy to incorporate into PHP as Flash , Ajax, and some others that are ensuring better visibility of the site.

A PHP web development company creating feature rich dynamic websites for less value and ensures it can also be equipped with design changes , alteration or advancement in the future.
A website reliable PHP development company with years of experience in the design and development can help achieve your business goal very fast. With custom PHP web solution development not only makes your dream of a real business website , but also ensures that the best possible functionality in the respective industry. PHP web application development also brings better visibility and exposure in the business site developed in a professional and cost effective manner.
It is true that a dedicated PHP developer to give excellent results keep in line with the term business expectations . The development company can also work in other areas of development partners to increase the value of online business.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Web Developers Bringing Beneficial iPhone Developments

IPhone development has meant that web developers come with new developments in the field of iPhone. It is increasingly recognized that it has been accepted and purchased by users as well as companies that are looking for prospects to promote your online presence . All this is due to the appearance and appeal of the iPhone that is constantly reaching customers in more improved and better ways .
Launched by Apple, the iPhone 3G has been steadily increasing. According to statistics made ​​, the estimators always say since the launch of the iPhone , which has seen a sale of more than one million iPhone in the first to the second week itself. This easily shows the graph of success the iPhone has won . Companies and individual entrepreneurs are aiming to have the iPhone and improved promotion and scale of the success of their companies .
Here comes the role of web application development for the iPhone , which is making the iPhone forward through the facilities and services offered. Web developers around the world are making great contributions to the development of this field and are bringing the iPhone closer to its users.
There are the web developers iPhone game applications that are bringing new and advanced developments in games and other entertainment features of the iPhone. This is especially preferred by children and those who love the game and spend their time. Several games in 2D and 3D animations are making way in the daily life of people and children through the iPhone.
What help can offer iPhone developers?
Online marketing is becoming much more useful now . This has been possible thanks to the development of applications for the iPhone. With these advances , you can easily get access to millions of apps and games that are offered by the iPhone. There are many additional features and applications that are contributing to the growing success of the iPhone.
Customers are offering interactive ideas that are supporting the development of iPhone applications . All these are provided by the Apple store . More and more people are demanding skilled iPhone application developers for hire so they can get all the benefits of the applications. However, developers usually kept very busy. But you can always fix problems from their homes, without a physical presence in the workplace .
The iPhone application development is the most difficult . But they have helped many users to manage their databases effectively. They can even take care of your blogs now . The world was shaken by the Apple craze . Competitors are lagging behind due to custom applications and features offered by Apple. SI has become the most popular and most exciting part of the app market now .
The iPhone is gaining a lot of competition for the growth of technologies . As developments in the field of iPhone undoubtedly have become the latest craze in the world of application development . It is a fact that no company can go ahead without deriving the benefits of the iPhone and its features . Even he is helping other developments are brought by the web developers.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Top 7 PHP Development Books for Aspiring Developers

PHP is a great language for developing web sites , and there are a number of ways that can be used to create attractive web pages and web applications. In this article the seven best books that help developers to master PHP web development are listed .
Most web designers and developers prefer to use PHP for web development . The main reason behind their preference is that PHP is an open source language that supports a number of databases including MySQL and Oracle. The popularity of PHP for web development has become essential for many developers to master web development PHP. For people who want to gain control over this language , referring to the books listed below will be of great help. Some of the books cater to beginners and advanced students , while others are produced in advanced techniques for experienced developers .
Head First PHP and MySQLâ € " Brain Friendly Guide
Written by Lynn Beighly and Michael Morrison , this book makes learning PHP programming a pleasant experience. The Head First series is known for its visually appealing format , and the book contains a series of puzzles, tests and interactive exercises. This book is ideal for beginners who want to master the language , and is also very useful for advanced programmers with a large number of codes, tips and tricks.
PHP Cookbook
Written by David Tratchenberg and David Sklar , this most readable book PHP development is definitely . The book contains over 250 € ~ â € ™ â € recipesâ " examples of problems that PHP programmers face every day , this is not a book for beginners .. It is a reference book for those already involved programming in PHP the book also describes the best practices for development, and also contains a lot of useful code for developers .
PHP and MySQL Web Development
Written by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson, this book describes how to use MySQL with PHP to create attractive web pages and web applications. For beginners , the book thoroughly describes all the basics of PHP development and MySQL integration for experienced developers that offers a number of tips and tricks to create complex web applications.
Learning PHP , MySQL and JavaScript
Written by Robin Nixon , this is the best book for programmers who need to understand the relationship between PHP , JavaScript and MySQL. PHP section is the smallest matter , and is a boon for beginners. Experienced programmers can skim through the sections from the PHP section and go directly to the topic that interests them.
Object Oriented PHP Solution
Written by David Powers , this book is perfect for developers who just want the basics of object-oriented PHP programming. The book is aimed at beginners and contains no complicated codes or theory , but has everything beginners need , but experienced programmers may find the book a bit too simple.
PHP programming
Written by Rasmus Lerdorf , Peter McIntrye and Kevin Tatroe , this book is a fantastic tool for mastering the techniques of developing advanced PHP. The authorâ € ™ s in this book are very experienced , and is the definitive guide to PHP 5.
Beginning PHP and MySQL
Written by Matt Zandstra is not a book for beginners who want to learn the basics, but PHP programmers who want to combine the elements of PHP with other development techniques. It covers advanced topics such as interfaces, abstract classes , design patterns and methods and static properties.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Creating the Wordpress MySQL Database

In this WordPress tutorial, we will teach you how to create the MySQL database for your WordPress. This WordPress will definitely be quite helpful in creating the database behind you web account. Databases are important part of your web account. They store all the records of your web account. So they have to be made carefully without any sort of mistakes. And in this WordPress tutorial, we will help you with it.
The Database is created in the cPanel. And you get the cPanel with your hosting account. Follow these WordPress Tutorials’ creating the WordPress MySQL Database for a perfect working database.
·         Log in to cPanel. It can be done by following one of the below urls.
·         And a page will open where you can find all the tabs, you can use to handle you web account.

·         Click on the MySQL Databases tab
·         Enter the Database name in the New Database field
·         Click on the Create Database Button

·         A screen will be displayed informing about the successful creation of the database

Click on the Go Back button, to return to the previous page

Enter the MySQL username and password for your database

·         Click on the Submit button, to proceed further

·         You will be sent to the next page. Here you will allow giving the privileges according to your requirements. It is recommended that you select All Privileges.
·         Now press Make Changes button to proceed

You can also follow all these steps by selecting the MySQL Database Wizard. Click on it and it will guide you through all the steps. They are almost the same. So you can easily make the Database and can add users to it.
This WordPress Tutorial was about the MSQL database creation. Hope this has helped you a lot.