Thursday, 6 March 2014

PHP Development and Tips to Hire Developers to Ensure Quality Result

PHP is widely used by companies to develop a variety of web sites and web applications quickly. Many developers are also changing with PHP web development to enhance their career prospects . So you will not find it difficult to gather information on local and offshore developers. You can also evaluate online information to understand the way of education, training , knowledge and experience of the individual developers of PHP. Also, you can hire PHP programmer on a full time, part time or hourly . But you may find it makes daunting challenge to recruit the right developer to ensure quality results. At the same time, we must also consider a number of important points to ensure that you will hire the best PHP developers for your project.

Points that you should consider when hiring a PHP developer to ensure quality results

1. Determining Project Requirements : The requirements of individual development projects vary PHP web applications . So you should hire a dedicated developer according to the specific requirements of your project. In addition to the budget and schedule of the project , it is also necessary to consider the design , functionality and features of the site. It is also important to check similar applications by other companies started to decide the exact requirements of the project. When you are clear about the nature, purpose and objective of the project to develop web applications , it will be easier for you to compare the skills and experience of different programmers .

Two . Qualifications, skills and experience of PHP : Once you understand the specific needs of your project, it is time to assess the knowledge and experience of several developers. You can simply do an Internet search to gather information on local as well as PHP developer from offshore. Like most professionals , currently promoting their services through websites and other online platforms , you can easily find many programmers according to the requirements of your project. But you must take into account the experience of the programmer to ensure that PHP has a deep knowledge of PHP. If the developer has already developed a similar application , he can use his knowledge and experience to deliver quality results within a very short span of time .

Three . Knowledge of widely used technologies : the PHP web development processes have become both complex and complicated due to frequent changes in user demand and technology. Most web sites and web applications, currently under development using multiple technologies to engage visitors . So you should hire a developer who has knowledge of some of the most widely used web technologies such as HTML , XML , JavaScript , MySQL and AJAX, PHP plus . Familiarity with other web technologies will make it easier for the programmer to optimize the performance of your website by integrating third-party applications , while minimizing security and piracy issues .

April . Familiarity with PHP frameworks : With all other companies to launch web applications, it has become essential for companies to enter the market as soon as possible. Many developers use frameworks rapid development of Web applications to create , test and deploy robust Web sites without writing code long . Along with the design and development of web application, PHP frameworks also make it easier to test thoroughly to fix bugs, defects and errors. A developer also has the option to choose from a wide variety of frames according to specific project requirements. So you should check if the developer is familiar with most of these widely used PHP frameworks , and choose the best option to provide quality without extending project deadlines .

May . Options to incorporate changes : When you are developing a web application, it becomes essential to explore options to be popular in a short space of time. In addition to the appearance of the website, it is also necessary to optimize performance and scalability. So there are chances that you can ask the developer to incorporate some changes to make the most powerful PHP application. In discussing the terms of the agreement with the developer , should emphasize the inclusion of options to incorporate additional changes. However, the developer may ask you to pay , and includes new features and functionalities.

These common criteria can be applied to choose a local or a PHP developer offshore. You can even evaluate the PHP web application developed by the developer in the past to ensure that you are hiring PHP developers suitable to guarantee quality results.

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