Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wordpress Tricks And Tips 2013

Now that you have started with WordPress Tricks And Tips 2013, do not get overwhelmed (like most people do!). Just remember that you have made a wise and informed decision. We will help you to make your decision more informed.
At your disposal there are some very powerful tool. They will allow you to communicate with the world. However, because you are a fresh, you may not know how to use them. Listed below are the top wordpress tips and tricks 2013 for WordPress for Beginners:

Change Permalinks

Simply put, the permanent link URL to your blog post. These are very important! Rather, these permanent convenience of your article in the search engines.
How do you set it?
You can set up the WordPress settings. You will see that your URL will appear a number. Just do not need! So the next time you choose "Custom" structure and type /% postname%. HTML. What's this! You are now a permanent link includes your name, you can easily be on Google, Yahoo and Bing search.
How to create a smart URL?
Also, remember not to use too many keywords in your URL. Make a clever use of words, by eliminating any unnecessary. Make sure that when you finish a permanent, which is very pleasant man.

For a better understanding, follow this as an example:

Wordpress Theme Selection

WordPress themes to make your blog attractive. They are going in your blog easily, no matter what you do the customization tools. Thus, given sufficient time pondering.
The default WordPress theme from every other blog has a variety of options. You can choose from their bodies. However, this makes your blog just like everyone else, I am sure you do not want that. Right?
I personally recommend you do not select from them. Get your own very unique, high-quality themes and different look to your blog. Sure it will make your job catchy.
Theme is an important factor, and their tastes and blog content for instructions. Therefore, you should always follow your blog niche.
You can always change your blog theme. This is not a life time commitment. However, if you pay a certain theme, even a penny, and then make sure it is worth it.

Title And Description Who you Targeted

When you use such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn and other social networking sites to share your posts and pages, they will ask you to publish a title and description. Once published, these services will pick up the title and description. Well, this will work with you to share the link.
Now when people search for something, your post appears (it appears you give title and description), the title and description of the man will decide whether to click on your article or not. For this purpose, your title and description, played a prominent role.
Remember, search engine web page title important part of a description of the main purpose of the reader. Therefore, they in such a way that they are strong enough to encourage Click designs.
Note: What encourage clicks to get a grip! For this, you need to do SEO optimization software, namely transcription. This will prove to be a helping hand when editing titles and descriptions.

Wordpress Plugins

WordPress Plugin that can do almost everything, and this makes WordPress is simply amazing. However, do not just start downloading all of the plug-ins. Now, just install the basic essential.
You can install the Akismet and Google XML Sitemaps. The former already exists, but you need to get it activated. For this, you will need an Akismet at critical. This is to reduce the minimum spam. The latter is also important. This is the search engine optimization, search engine makes it easy to find your blog.
Other important plug-ins include: WP optimization, all in One SEO Pack and WP database backup. Their names are decent enough to explain their purpose.

Browser Cache

Sometimes, you may make some changes to your site, but you may not be able to see them. Do not panic! You just need to clear your browser cache, you'll get to solve this problem.
In order to remove it, you must press the SHIFT key while you click the "Refresh" button on your browser. Your browser's cache is cleared, you can see the changes you've made to your site.

Footer Section

In the bottom of your WordPress site, you can see a footer area. People notice it, which is very rare, but it plays an important role in keeping your readers and visitors engaged.
This can sometimes be forgotten footer area, allowing you to add the site owner, any copyright information or the information linked to some pages. You can use a premium theme to expand in this area, then you can provide more information. You can add a short biography or exit your  mailing list, etc.
Keep in mind that some people actually scroll down to all of this information at a glance, if you are really interested, so that people more frequently to visit your site, then you should take advantage of this part.

Wordpress Security

You need to properly protect your passwords, whether you are a user or a self-hosted WordPress Free WordPress blog. If your WordPress site is secure, you will find that your mind will be relaxed and peaceful. This way, you will be able to focus on your goals: for your blog writing and keeping readers engaged. Therefore, do not take this tip lightly!


You must have heard this: "If you can not measure this, so you can not manage it."
Track your improve your site's visitors. You can do this by using the Jetpack statistics and Google Analytics. The former is only available to users free WordPress blog. However, the self-hosted WordPress users can benefit from the former, and the latter to obtain further advantages installed. Google Analytics will also allow you to filter out your own visits, it is indeed a necessity.
In this article must be many things lacking. We have done our utmost to help the WordPress beginners. If you want to know anything not mentioned above, please comment here.


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