Thursday, 6 March 2014

Manually Installing the WordPress

In this WordPress tutorial, we will teach u that how can you manually install the WordPress on you web account. It is easy to install, but one has to be careful with all the steps. In this WordPress tutorial, we will teach you:
·         Download the WordPress installation package
·         Upload the WordPress
·         Creating the MySQL Database
·         Checking the WordPress installation
    Download the WordPress installation package:
·         Go to the official WordPress page.
·         Install the latest version of the WordPress.
·         Click on the download button on the page to get the latest version of WordPress.
·         The downloaded files will be automatically saved on your hard disk.
·         Locate the WordPress folder and extract the zip file.

     Upload the WordPress

·         Upload the files through FTP.
·         Once the upload is finished, extract the archive and upload the files to our web hosting account.
·         Go to cPanel, then File Manager and then Upload files.
·         If you want to install the WordPress installation to be main, then reside the files in public_html.

    Creating the MySQL Database :

·         Create the Database. And assign the user with all the permissions you want to give.
·         For details see Creating MySQL.
·         Write down the name of the Database, username and password for the database which you have created. You will require them in the further installation process.

Checking the WordPress Installation:
You will see an error message that you don’t have wp-config.php file.

Click on the Create a Configuration File button to continue .

On this page, they will ask you to create the database name, database username and password. As ou have already created them, click on Go button.

Enter the details and click on the Submit button

Now the settings will be checked. If they are appropriate a new page will open. Click Run the Install button.

Now add the administrative username and the title of the site. And click Install WordPress button
Once the installation is done, you will receive a message.

Hope this WordPress tutorial was a helpful one. Thank you

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