Saturday, 28 June 2014

Android Studio heading towards full release

A new beta version of application development tool set is now available for download

Google Android operating system Studio room growth atmosphere is available in a try out version that makes it much simpler to make programs for smartwatches and TVs.

The try out was declared at the Search engines I/O designer meeting along with review editions of Android operating system L and the associated SDK (software growth kit).

The review version of Android operating system Studio room, an IntelliJ-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment), was one of the big reports at I/O last year. Google objective is to improve and make simpler app growth as opposed to current Surpass IDE. The company did not say when a final version would become available, but the try out is a step in the right route. Studio room is "making great improvement toward a complete launch," according to a short article.

Earlier this week Marius MAY=rnes Mathiesen, head of Android operating system growth at Norwegian advisor Quick way, said he had been amazed that the review version involved so "few apparent insects and disadvantages," showing that it won't take too long for a complete launch to appear.

The Studio room develop system now facilitates the development of several APKs (application program file) for different types of gadgets. The try out also contains an app expert and structure manager for Android operating system Use and Android operating system TV, which will make it simpler for designers to make programs for the two new systems, Search engines said.

Wear is an expansion of Android operating system that's been personalized for more compact displays. The first two products in accordance with the system, the Equipment Live from New samsung and LG's G Watch, will start delivery in the beginning of This summer.

Android TV allows designers make local programs and games for set-top containers, games consoles and tv sets. Mobile phones and product programs will also be able to deliver content to Android operating system TVs thanks to the throw function, which today is used by the Chromecast USB keep.

One thing still losing from the Studio room try out is support for the Android operating system NDK (native growth kit), which designers can use to develop parts of their programs using 'languages' such as C and C++. But it will be included soon, according to Search engines.

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